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Acid Hydrochloride

  • Chemical formula : HCl 

  • Chemical name : Hydrochloric acid, muriatic acid

  • Origin: Vietnam

  • Density : 1.15 kg/liter

  • Specification: Can/phi/tank

Acid Clohydrit: Service

Hydrochloric Acid – Hydrochloric acid is made from the dissolution of hydrogen chloride gas and water. This acid is also found in the stomach and is also the cause of some cases of stomach ulcers.

The chemical exists in the form of a solution, a colorless, volatile liquid. In concentrated form in concentrations up to 40°C, rub the fume in moist air. This is a strong acid. In solid form can cause some effects on the human body upon contact. Therefore, when used, it is often diluted and applied in manufacturing industries.

Hydrochloric acid - Hydrochloric acid is widely used in industry.

With chemical properties, Acid HCL - Hydrochloric Acid has 2 properties: strong acid and redox. In terms of strong acidity: make red litmus red; reacts with metals in front of H, reacts with metal oxides, bases, salts, etc. As for redox properties when it can react with metals before H2, it acts with some substances such as: KClO3, MnO2, KmnO4…

How to prepare HCL Acid - Hydrochloric Acid

– Preparation method in the laboratory: NaCl (solid) + H2SO4 (concentrated) -> HCl + NaHSO4

– How to prepare in industry: H2 + Cl2 -> HCL

Acid HCl

How is hydrochloric acid used?

- Is a strong acid used for many industries: steel rust removal, cleaning agents, semiconductor industry ...

- Production of organic and inorganic substances

- Neutralizes pH

– As a chemical intermediate to create other chemical products.

Chemicals always need to be used safely

How to use HCL - Hydrochloric acid safely?

Usually the product is produced and stored in a solid form. However, in solid form, when using, more care should be taken because smoke may occur in humid air. This is absolutely not good and causes great harm to the human body when exposed to too much.

Besides being a strong acid, it also causes phenomena such as corrosion or destruction. Therefore, it is best to dilute it with water in a reasonable ratio when using it. It will avoid the above phenomena and can also be applied to some other needs in production or consumption.

Users need to know how to store and contact HCL Acid - Hydrochloric Acid very well when using.

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