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Chlorine – Chlorine 70% Aquafit

Formula: Ca(OCl)2
Content: 70%
Origin: India
Packing: 45Kg/1 carton

Clorin – Chlorine 70% Aquafit: Service

Chlorine - What is chlorine and how is it used?

Appearance: Powder or granules, with a strong odor, easily soluble in water.

Chlorine – Chlorine in nature is found as a white powder, pellet, or flat sheet. This chemical should be best stored in cool dry conditions, away from chemicals and organic substances. This substance is self-heating and decomposes rapidly with the release of toxic chlorine gas. The common product is a yellow-white solid with a chlorine odor.

Chlorine - Chlorine is commonly known as Chlorine. This is a chemical compound with strong oxidizing and bactericidal properties. Products are used a lot in daily life and in many different aspects such as scientific research, applications in different societies.

Chemicals are also common and effective disinfectants. It is non-toxic to humans and a good alternative to formol, potentiated iodine or quaternary ammonia.

Application of Chlorine - Chlorine

In terms of uses, the chemical is used to disinfect swimming pool water, water treatment in aquaculture or wastewater, is also an ingredient in bleaching powder, used to bleach cotton and linen. It is also used in bathroom cleaners, household disinfectant sprays, moss killers, algaecides, and weed killers.

This product has been in common use since the 1970s, due to its advancements in terms of effective bactericidal and non-toxic compounds: Removal of phenols and organic compounds with phenol groups (which are cancer). The ability to disinfect and strongly oxidize pathogens, especially Giardia and Cryptosporidium strains.

Alternatively, Ca(OCl)2 can be used to produce chloroform.

Other Information Chlorine – Chlorine

Products are suitable for many in nature, easy to find and cheap. Chlorine - Chlorine is a colorless, highly effective disinfectant against a wide range of bacteria, effective in oxidizing certain organic and inorganic compounds.

In addition, chemicals can remove some unpleasant odors and some toxic substances that can cause dermatological and stomach diseases when ingested in humans are present in the water. Therefore, it is used to bleach and disinfect water in daily life or water used in livestock. Not only that, the product is also used for the purpose of oxidizing reducing substances in water to make the water clearer and cleaner.

Using Chlorine - Chlorine at the right dose will help fully exploit the use of this chemical, on the contrary, if used in the wrong dose, it can cause harm to the surrounding environment and affect the environment. People.

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