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Sulfuric Acid 98% – H2SO4

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Acid Sulfuric 98% – H2SO4: Service

What is H2SO4 - Sulfuric Acid used for?

Learn about this chemical, so that users better understand its characteristics, properties and most effective use.

Chemistry is a type of chemical that is mentioned a lot in chemistry textbooks at all levels. However, many people really still do not fully understand this chemical, especially about its practical application. Below will help you find out in the most specific way.

H2SO4 - Sulfuric acid is a chemical in liquid form but it is not like water, colorless, odorless, non-volatile and heavier than water. It is a strong acid that is soluble in water.

The product is not available in nature but relies on the oxidation of ryrite ore. Also with pure solution it is based on the reaction of H2SO4 + H2O. It is also present in acid rain, when chemicals are oxidized or sulfur dioxide oxidizes in water.

Properties of H2SO4 – Sulfuric Acid

Physical properties:

Chemical forms are usually concentrated and depending on the concentration will be used for different purposes: concentrations as low as 10% are diluted for use in laboratories. About 35-60% is used as battery production, other acids, fertilizer production. Concentrated acid is about 98-99 %. In addition, chemicals are polar and conductive.

Chemical properties:

  • Reacts with water: produces hydroin ions

  • Reaction with bases and sulfate salts

  • Pushes weak acids out of salt

  • As a reactant to produce some other substances.

Application of chemicals H2SO4 - Sulfuric Acid

Most chemicals are used in manufacturing industries such as dyes, detergents, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, batteries, pharmaceuticals, and plastics. and applications in the metallurgical industry…

How to use H2SO4 - Sulfuric Acid safely and effectively?

When using, do not leave chemicals in concentrated form, otherwise it will cause danger. When using, it is necessary to dilute the acid with water, but add it slowly and mix well. As a corrosive substance, it should not come into contact with objects such as iron or aluminum.

Users need to protect themselves when using should wear protective gear, glasses because even if diluted, it is also a strong acid. Should be stored well, in a cool and dry place, especially avoid moisture in the water.

H2SO4 – Sulfuric acid is an extremely strong acid, so users must always make sure to use it, learn more about the product information to use it more effectively.

Acid Sulfuric 98% – H2SO4: Văn bản
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