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FeSO4 SulKhan

 FeSO4.7H2O Sunkan
Alum Iron 

Formula: FESO4

Content: 98%

Made in China

Packing: 25Kg/1bag

FeSO4.7H2O Sunkan Phèn Sắt: Service

What you need to know about Iron Alum – FeSO4.7H2O

This is an industrial chemical that is used a lot in daily life.

Products are industrial chemicals that are widely used in daily life for many different purposes. However, not everyone knows the uses, how to preserve and use them. Therefore, in this article we will provide you with the most useful information related to this chemical.

Overview of Iron Alum – FeSO4.7H2O

Chemicals usually originate from China, in the form of rhombic crystals, green in color and packed in 25kg bags, capable of completely soluble in water but insoluble in alcohol.

Each chemical bag contains at least 97% FeSO4.7H2O, the rest is lead, arsenic and some other insoluble ingredients. When not in use, these chemicals must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from moisture so as not to reduce their effectiveness. When iron sulfate alum is dissolved in water, the following chemical reaction occurs:

FeSO4 + H2O -> Fe(OH)2 + H2SO4

In which Fe(OH)2 is a slightly soluble hydroxide, it will absorb suspended substances as well as colloids in water, forming larger flocs to easily separate from water by settling. This is also the mechanism when using aluminum alum, iron (III) alum to do in water.

Application of Iron Alum – FeSO4.7H2O

– Iron alum – FeSO4.7H2O is mainly used as a raw material for the production of fertilizers, animal feed or coagulants to help treat wastewater from export processing zones, landfills as well as wastewater from factories. electronic components manufacturing machine.

In industry, chemicals are also used as a precursor to other compounds. It is a reducing agent, mainly for reducing chromate in cement.

This product is also used in the manufacture of inks, especially iron gall ink, which was used from the Middle Ages until the end of the eighteenth century. In addition, it is also a mordant used in dyeing wool.

Iron alum – FeSO4.7H2O is widely used in wastewater treatment

– Used to treat iron withered leaves, or used in the process of photo paste.

It is sometimes added to the coolant flowing through the copper tubes of the turbine condenser to create a protective, anti-corrosion coating inside the tube surface.

Iron alum – FeSO4.7H2O has the ability to filter water by flocculation and remove phosphate components, often used in big cities to treat wastewater and prevent eutrophication.

-Used in wood treatments or as a component of water-based paints.

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